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  • Risken med oskyddade metallstrukturer i hamnar
    أبريل 23, 2024

    The risk with unprotected metal structures in harbors.

    By proactively installing and maintaining cathodic corrosion protection in harbors, it ensures that these critical infrastructure elements remain operational and safe for a long time to come, resulting in significant savings in both time and money. Anodes help protect important metal constructions in harbors from rusting and being destroyed. They work by corroding themselves, or rusting, instead of the other metals around. This is called galvanic corrosion protection and is a way to extend the lifespan of the metal structures in the harbor.

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  • Anodernas Roll i Skyddet mot Korrosion för Båtar och Fartyg
    مارس 20, 2024

    The Role of Anodes in Protecting Boats and Ships from Corrosion

    Making the correct choice of sacrificial anodes for your boat or ship requires considering the type of water it will be in, the type of surface coating, and the specific components that need protection, such as the hull, propeller, rudder, and trim tabs. The type of water environment is critical in choosing the right material for the anodes to ensure effective protection against corrosion.
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  • Skydd av rörledningar i mark
    أغسطس 16, 2023

    Protection of pipelines in ground

    We are all facing challenges such as corrosion and water leaks that affect both our social function and our environment. But with our passion for innovative solutions here at Anodefactory, we do not have to let these obstacles put sticks in the wheel. By implementing cathodic protection, with our commitment and technical expertise, we can ensure that corrosion is no longer a factor that jeopardizes your business.


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  • anodbyte varmvattenberedare
    يونيو 2, 2023

    The Essential Guide to Water Heater Anode Rods

     This blog post provides a thorough understanding of the importance of the anode rod for your water heater to extend its lifespan, and the necessity of regular inspection and replacement. In addition, we provide advice on the most suitable anode materials based on your water composition. Read on to learn more about how you can optimize the lifespan and efficiency of your water heater.
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  • Anodbäddar: Nyckeln till Effektiv Katodiskt Skydd
    مايو 3, 2023

    Anode Beds: The Key to Effective Cathodic Protection

    Cathodic protection is a necessary corrosion prevention technique used in many industries, including oil and gas, marine, and construction. Anode beds are a crucial component of cathodic protection systems and offer a reliable and cost-effective method to protect metal structures from corrosion. Read more in our blog post about how you can protect metal structures from corrosion.
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  • Förstå beräkning av anoder för fartyg: Hur du skyddar ditt fartyg från korrosion
    مارس 4, 2023

    Understand the calculation of anodes for ships: How to protect your ship from corrosion

    The maritime industry is one of the most corrosion -exposed industries, and corrosion on vessels and other marine constructions can lead to serious consequences. To protect these structures from corrosion, the use of sacrificials is crucial. Anodes are available in several materials, but zinc is the most common sacrifice used on ships and other marine structures. By using the right amount of zinc anodes in the right places, you can protect the hull and other parts of the vessel from corrosion. However, it is important to use the right amount and type of sacrificial codes to effectively protect the vessel.

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  • Förståelse för offeranoder i sötvatten: Varför magnesiumanoder är ett lämpligt val
    مارس 2, 2023

    Understanding fresh water anodes: Why magnesium anodes are an appropriate choice

    Boat owners know how important it is to maintain their ship to prevent corrosion and extend its life. An important part of boat maintenance is the use of anodes. Anodes are sacrificial metals installed on boats to protect other metal components from corrosion. But with so many different types of anodes available, how do you know which one to choose for freshwater use? 

    In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using magnesium anodes for freshwater boats and how they can help you protect your investment for many years to come.

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  • Anodpåsar för nedgrävda propantankar i USA
    فبراير 5, 2023

    Anode Bags for Propane Tanks: Protecting Your Investment

    Protecting your propane tanks from corrosion is crucial to ensure their safety and longevity. Anode bags are a simple and effective way to protect your propane tanks from the harmful effects of corrosion. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of anode bags, how they work, and how to install and maintain them. We'll also discuss state regulations and required protection for propane tanks in certain states.
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